Kuncai Technology Exhibited at the 21st China Straits Innovation and Projects Fair



The 21st China Straits Innovation and Projects Fair was held in Fuzhou from 18 to 22 June. The theme of this year's fair is "Project · Technology · Capital · Talent - Practising the Action of 'Learning Deeply and Striving for Excellence, Daring to Strive for Advancement, Doing Practically and Striving for Effectiveness', Science and Technology Innovation Assisting High-quality Development".


Kuncai Technology follows the pace of the national "innovation-driven development strategy" and believes that science and technology enable enterprises to develop in a high-quality and sustainable way, and the key to science and technology creation is to promote the deep integration of the innovation chain, industrial chain and talent chain. Therefore, Kuncai has established a professional technical team with "Thousand Talents Plan" talents as the scientific and technological leaders, and has created a series of advanced scientific and technological innovation achievements by overcoming the difficulties in process technology and deep cultivation. Kuncai has been awarded "National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise", "Provincial Enterprise Technology Centre", "Nominee of Fujian Provincial Government Quality Award", "National Speciality and Speciality New Enterprise 'Small Giant' Enterprise" and other honours.


At this year's fair, Kuncai Technology was invited to show the style of high-tech innovation enterprises in the Innovation Achievements Pavilion - Fuzhou Exhibition Area, and share the industry's cutting-edge technological achievements. Kuncai Technology's booth not only displayed the world's leading pearlescent pigments, but also showcased titanium dioxide produced by the world's first extraction method. The technology has obtained the first set of process technology certification and more than 10 domestic and foreign invention patents, subverting the traditional process route of the titanium dioxide industry, breaking through the foreign blockade and monopoly of high-end titanium dioxide technology, and contributing to the high-quality, green, environmentally friendly and sustainable development of titanium dioxide industry, which has been highly praised by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 


At present, Kuncai has advanced production lines for new pearlescent materials, with annual production capacity of 1.5 million tonnes of titanium dioxide, 1.5 million tonnes of iron oxide, 30,000 tonnes of pearlescent pigments and 10,000 tonnes of synthetic mica. In the future, Kuncai will continue to optimise the structure of the sustainable industrial chain, cultivate a good ecology for the company's high level of innovation capacity in titanium dioxide, inject core competitiveness into the development of enterprises, and escort the transformation and upgrading of China's titanium dioxide industry.


We firmly believe that technological innovation is the fertile ground for development, and Kuncai Technology will lead the global titanium dioxide industry on the path of high-quality sustainable development with the world's first set of self-developed extraction method.